15 Jun 2024

Author: Wangwang

Life in Japan

How To Reduce Flyers In Postbox

If you live in Japan, you may see stacks of advertisement flyers in your mailbox from time to time, but there is a way to reduce the number of advertisement leaflets! The solution is quite simple: put a sentence on your letterbox saying “無断投函お断り”, which…


Guide to Divine Trees Garden Hiking in Taiwan

As a Taiwanese who marries a Singaporean, I feel it’s my responsibility to introduce the beauty of Taiwan to my husband. Except for places people usually go like Alishan (阿里山, A-Li-Shan) and Sun Moon Lake (日月潭, Ri-Yue-Tan), Makauy Ecological Park (馬告生態園區, Ma-Gao-Sheng-Tai-YuanQu) is a place…

Life in Japan

3D2N in Kusatsu and Karuizawa

Our Japan exploration started with Kusatsu (草津), one of Japan’s most famous onsen spots, which is also very close to Tokyo (about 4 hours away). You can choose to make a 2-day-1-night trip but because Kusatsu is also very close to Karuizawa (軽井沢) so we…