When it comes to furniture shopping in Singapore, the typical answer is to settle on IKEA or Taobao.

IKEA furniture is affordable with massive choices. The downside is if you are not good at furniture hacks, your home will be fixed in a certain style ( It’s great if you like it! ). As for Taobao, you can find a lot of design ideas there, and even customise what you want. But you have to spend plenty of time checking seller reviews, communicating your need, and arranging the shipping. And you never know what you would get until you saw them physically!

Because the deco style we like is towards to contemporary + industrial style, pure IKEA is not suitable for us. But I have no confidence in my ability to buy furniture on Taobao, and we both like to see actual products before making the decision, so we visited some online and physical stores. This article is to share the brand list that I’ve considered for you and my future usage.

Brands / Shops I’ve Bought Funiture From

  • Grafunkt: Grafunkt is so far my favourite furniture store. The physical store is located on the 4th floor of Funan Mall. They sell furniture from quite a few brands. The price of the products is not low, but the design of the products is not something you would easily see in any of the furniture shops either. The service in Grafunkt is nice also, the salesmen are not pushy and follow you all alone. The reason we went Grafunkt is we couldn’t really find a sofa that is compact and able to catch our eye and bring a sparkle of joy to us. And we finally found the one in Grafunkt! To be honest, the sofa has occupied most of our renovation budget but this sofa has become the centre of our home. For those not in rush, you can wait for their year-end promotion around December. But please noted the waiting time might be long. For our customised sofa, we ordered in Dec and it arrived in next year April.
  • Castlery: The design of Castlery products is good, and the price is moderate. The physical store is in Jit Poh Building. You can go to the physical store to see the real product and then buy it online. The discount codes can be found online also. We went to the physical store two or three times. Basically, unless you ask a question, no one will take care of you. I think it is perfect so that you can take your time to discuss it with your family. We bought a TV console online. I like the quality and it fits well with the sofa, but it is a disaster arranging delivery on weekends. Checking this article for what’s happened. But other than this, I don’t have anything to complain about.
  • IKEA: Given we don’t like pure Nordic style, IKEA furniture is very suitable for mixing and matching with different styles, and it is affordable. Assembly service is recommended if you bought a lot of furniture from them. Professional assembly is speedy and good! However, remember to check the order to ensure you only purchase assembly service for those you need it. We almost paid assembly for those which arrive in one piece.
  • OMNIDESK: We decided to buy an adjustable table for our working-from-home needs. After checking a few brands, we decided to buy OMNIDESK. We also bought it online after visiting the showroom in B-Central. We bought a Herman Miller to create the working vibe since our office is using it.

Brands / Shops I’ve Visited Physically

  • Tan Boon Liat Building: Tan Boon Liat Building is a very big building with a lot of furniture shops. No matter what budget you are looking at, you can find the shop that fits yours. Remember to go there early because most of the shops close at 6pm. Below are the shops I remembered which are high quality but probably in the higher price range.
  • Crate and Barrel: The physical shop is in ION Orchard. The furniture is for those have bigger house. But the home & living goods are really good!
  • SCANTEAK and MUJI: Both brands are not affordable in Taiwan. But they are not considered expensive in Singapore.
  • w.atelier: We found it when we visited the TOTO showroom in Henderson Road. It’s a very luxurious place and I like their design a lot but it’s out of our budget totally.
  • Born In Colour: I really like their rattan-related furniture, and the extendable dining table is also very affordable. I have been to the showroom on Henderson Road. Sadly what I like does not match my home decor.
  • PICKET&DRAIL: They resell many brands and you can also customise cabinets. We went to the showroom in SingaporeG Building. Too many things to look at but not really my style.
  • nook&cranny: The price range is mid-high. Quite a few different styles to buy from.
  • HipVan: Physical store at Suntec City. We were planning to buy a dining table but sadly the size didn’t fit.
  • Ergoworks: Physical store at Marina Square. They mainly sell office chairs and adjustable tables. They even sell L shaped adjustable tables which we didn’t see from other brands. But the table is a bit shaky when we adjust it and the staff is not really friendly maybe because of my baby face so we bough Omidesk instead.

Brands / Shops I’ve Checked Online Only

  • loft home furniture: A lot of industrial furniture with affordable prices. The physical shop is at Gambas Crescent.
  • fortytwo: Online store only. Wide range of selections, good price, quality considerred good according to friends.
  • spaceman: Highend furniture for compact units. Over my budget but looks nice!

The above is my current furniture shopping experience in Singapore for reference by those in need (including myself!)

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