If you live in Japan, you may see stacks of advertisement flyers in your mailbox from time to time, but there is a way to reduce the number of advertisement leaflets!

The solution is quite simple: put a sentence on your letterbox saying “無断投函お断り”, which means that unauthorised deliveries are prohibited. It is important to note that the sentence should be posted at the place where the deliverer delivers the letter. If you live in a flat or a tower, the delivery opening may be at the back of your usual collection spot, so remember to observe before pasting it.


You can buy stickers online for a few hundred yen, or you can simply find a printer to print out the wording and stick it on the letterbox with non-marking tapes. I’ve tried using the label printer before, but the wording fades away after a few months, so it’s better to handwrite or print it out with a regular printer. Based on my test, after sticking the wording, the number of advertisement flyers in the mailbox was reduced significantly. Still, I also have a friend who said that the wording doesn’t help in the area where she lives. But no harm in trying, right?

The following words and phrases all have similar meanings, so feel free to use them:

  • 広告お断り
  • 無断投函お断り
  • 広告やチラシの投函はご遠慮ください
  • チラシ.フりペーパー.勸誘印刷物等

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