It’s been 5 plus years when I decided to relocate to Singapore. This article is to share the APPs that still remain on my phone and other alternative APPs for those in need.

Essential Apps for Daily Life and Travel

Traffic guide and transportation planning: Google Map

Because the bus planning is well developed and more convenient than the MRT in Singapore, if you need to take public transportation in Singapore, you need to take a bus normally. Google Map is my go-to APP for transportation planning. It has an estimated time of arrival of the bus, so it is very convenient for a person like me – a person who is not familiar with the roads and not sure when to get off the bus. Some people will install the Citymapper APP separately, but I am happy with Google Map.

Taxi or private ride services: Grab, ComfortDelGro, Gojek

There is no uber nor lyft in Singapore, I usually use Grab and ComfortDelGro to get a ride. Grab private rides are quite cheap during off-peak hours, but ComfortDelGro is easier to call during peak hours or when you are at a relatively remote place. You cam also install Gojek for the same ride sevices, but because I think Gojek and Grab are too repetitive, I didn’t install Gojek.

Food delivery: Grab, Deliveroo, Foodpanda

Because of COVID, we often order food delivery. Most of the food merchants provide their services on Grab, Deliveroo, and Foodpanda. Many people install all those three apps so when you want to order a meal, you can instantly compare prices. But because I have issues in login and my perisous orders last time when I used Deliveroo and Foodpanda, I only keep Grab currently.

Attractions and activities tickets, travel reservations: Klook,

There are many Singapore attractions and activities tickets, hotel discounts, restaurant or SPA discount coupons on Klook, so it’s always good to check for promotions or activity ideas regularly. When my friends come to Singapore, I normally buy tickets on Klook (such as tickets for Gardens by the Bay or Skytrain tickets) in advice to buy in a cheaper price and save the time to queue up for tickets.

In addition, if you like to travel or have staycation, having a hotel booking APP is important. There are many booking services and I choose

A must-have app for long-term stay

Communication: Whatsapp, Telegram

Taiwanese like to use LINE for communication, but the penetration rate is low in Singapore. Most people use whatsapp, but because of security concerns, some people are slowly starting to use Telegram, so I have both installed.

Unit Rental: PropertyGuru,

To open a bank account in Singapore, you will need a residential address. You can find a real estate agent to help you find a place to stay, but you need to pay the agency fee. Usually, the real estate agent will drive you around for unit viewing and help you with signing the contract. But not much services/help you will have after the contract signed so I usually find units directly on PropertyGuru and contact the owner or owner’s agent for viewing. In addition to PropertyGuru, you can also use This is a start-up company but the penetration rate is quite high as well.

Online shopping: Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10

My most commonly used shopping app in Singapore is Shopee. In addition to buying affordable FMCG products, there are also brand stores where you can buy electrical appliances and cosmetics. What I like the most is you can buy products shipped directly from Taiwan. During COVID-19 , I buy almost everything in Shopee so I am Platinum member now! In addition to Shopee, both Lazada and Qoo10 are also widely used by others, but my previous shopping experiences are not very good, so I have given up on using them.

Virtual payment and cash back: ShopeePay, PayLah!, GrabPay, FavePay, ShopBack

Virtual payment in Singapore is very popular. Even if some stores cannot use credit cards, they will at least support QR payment. I use DBS Bank’s PayLah! and Shopee’s ShopeePay most often. ShopeePay, GrabPay, and FavePay each have their own point rebate or cash rebate promotions, so I will use ShopeePay when I can use ShopeePay. The reason why I don’t use GrabPay is you need to topup in advance, and you need to pay for top up. FavePay is because its cashback can only be used for the same store repurchase, I don’t really want to install an additional APP for this (but my hobby has installed!).

Another one I have installed is ShopBack. ShopBack is Singapore’s largest cash rebate service. In addition to cash rebates for online shopping, if you link your credit cards in the APP, you can also get cash rebates when you spend in some physical stores.

Home cleaning: Helpling, Kleepers

Cleaning services in Singapore are not too expensive, so many people will find cleaners to clean up their homes regularly. In addition, if you are renting an unit in Singapore, hiring a cleaning company for a move-out cleaning before handing over the keys helps you from losing your deposit. I have used both Helpling and Kleepers. The cleaning quality of the two services is very good, but I only install the Helpling APP because I like to make appointment just 1 week in advance and it’s easier for me to find a slot in Helping.

This is my Helpling $30 discount code: bhqr07 If someone uses it, I will also get a $30 discount.

The above are the APPs I will use in my life, I hope it helps.

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