Early this year, my husband and I spent a lot of time looking for the right furniture for our new home. For us, the most important furniture is the sofa and TV console because it sets the tone of the entire house. And this is our sweet and bitter experience buying a TV console in Castlery Singapore.

We found our dream sofa in Grafunkt at Funan but instead of buying a TV console from the same series, we decided to do a mix-match. In the end, we made our mind to buy Nigel TV Console from Castlery. We went down to the showroom twice and made an order online.

Photo Credit: Castlery

The best part of shopping with Castlery is you are able to get all the information you need from the website. And at the same time, you can also visit their showroom to see the real product and imagine how it fits your house. Not to mention in the showroom, there is no hard sales talk needed so the entire experience is very comfortable.

The price is also clear and affordable with high quality. Overall we are very satisfied with the TV console we bought from Castlery.

But there is one thing I will never do if we decided to buy anything from Castlery again.

Never arrange Castlery delivery on weekends in Singapore. You pay extra to get lesser services.

Because both my husband and I are working, we prefer to arrange the delivery on Saturday and this purchase marks our worse renovation experience.

We paid an extra $15 to ship on Saturday. The price is really reasonable and I don’t mind paying extra. On the delivery day, I also received an SMS reminder about the delivery. Till now, everything went quite well and smoothly but the rocky experience started when we didn’t receive any call or our delivery by 1 pm.

Because the delivery didn’t arrive in time (there is a bulky item delivery rule in the condo we stay in) and no one called me, I decided to call the number stated in the SMS. But what I heard from the other side of the phone was an auto message that please call back during working hours as they won’t answer phone calls during off-work hours.

Why do you give your customer who has delivery on Saturday a phone number is not working on Saturday?

Since no one answered my phone, I had to contact Castlery via their live chat on the website. But what I got from the live chat was just as below:

Our operation team has received our notification and is currently going on an investigation.

No one can give us an update or an estimation. So after a few rounds of frustrating communication, I finally got a call that my delivery is coming. My delivery came in late, but it finally arrived.

I bought appliances and furniture from a few places like Grafunkt, IKEA, Harvey Norman, and MaxCoil during this renovation and Castlery was the only delivery that did not deliver nor communicate in time.

I still enjoy the Castlery product I bought. I may still consider buying it just because of its affordability. But I will definitely not choose to deliver on weekends.

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